Cycling for Humanity 2016 in Hyderabad today

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1st Jan: Event went on well with brining awareness, helping orphan patients and particiaption in Subhash Palekarji’s meeting.

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Dear All

Wish you a very Happy New Year! Thank you for joining Cycling for Humanity and volunteering for other Manavata service activities.. your continous support and effort helped many needy in 2015.. but that was just a drop in the ocean. we have bigger responsibility to make every human being a responsible and honest.

As we see main positive campaigns by activists and humanitarians to make positive impact in society, people generally won’t care much about it.. but most imporant need of the hour, very basic if every human being is missing is humanity! there is no other positive change can be adopted unless man can practice selfishness and intolerance.

Today, I just reached Hyderabad from Manavata UFH Campus kothakota.. extreme ends, while farmers are struggling to produce food and make their livelihood, here people making lot of noise and wasting lot of food, energy, resources on the name of new year parties.. more than 50% of villagers in Telangana, AP and other states addicted with alcohol and smoking.. losing their lives early with chronic issues and devastating their families..  which is creating more orphans and poverty..

Strange thing is people are unable to spare time to serve poor and needy, everyone is busy..  some of us can join together and spare some time for this new year for a productive cause!

Most important thing we all can do for this new year day is  inspire family, children to Lead healthy, purposeful life, so that they won’t ignore and surely help needy and suffering.. this is more of a consciousness and practice rather than a occasional thing..

Join this cycling, part of this cycling for humanity.. identification of orphans.. children, old and left out patients.. I sincerely request you help this exercise.. tomorrow as part of our journey..

In new manavata UFH campus, we have created space to care them.. so u can host someone from tomorrow to empower them.

Srini Manavata

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