Orphan patient rescued in Hyderabad during CFH 2016

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Alcohol creating more problems to poor:

Cycling for Humanity team Hyderabad: (Gandhi Hospital):

During our no-alcohol campaign “Cycling for Humanity” on 1st Jan 2016, team found another critical issue:

This case is purely an example of how people are inhumanly ignoring patients in such a pain (Ramanayya a daily worker at Yousufguda hit by drunk young people and broke his leg by hitting him with stick on 30th Dec night..

they left him there, finally with the help of police he could manage to find those criminals.. Police made them to take him to hospital.. but they just took him and made his x-ray and left him on bed and ran away with his reports. With that broken leg and pain, this patient Ramanayya (55 years).. when we went to Gandhi hospital on 1st Jan during our Cycling, he was creeping on the floor and coming out as he has not eaten anything.. he feels so much pain at his hip joint as leg was broken, at the same time he can’t go to toilet and no one is there to support him.. he is unable to ask for help people also, just saliently  waiting for his son to come and take treatment.  But his son was not picking up for past 2 days..

when I was interacting him, i got all the information from him and then call his soon by taking contact number from him, spoke to him.. he said, he will come in 30 min.. but didn’t turn up.. we waited 2 hours, meanwhile Prakash and Mahadev get his x-ray done, found that the leg was broken..

after few follow ups, finally good that his son took him to home after he got surgery schedule for Monday from doctor. Much appreciate Mahadev, Raj and Prakash for helping him.

we also found other orphan patients who left out as there is no one there to take care of them.. we could just give them some moral support, fruits and medicines.. later we continued cycling… we learnt that many such cases to help, but they need long term solution to take care of both medication / treatment and shelter.IMG_20160101_092016.jpg

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