Cycling for Humanity 2016 London to Brighton

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Cycling for Humanity 2016 UK: team has taken up challenge and inspired many people for a positive change towards protecting nature and health: Around 25 people participated from different regions London, Reading, Amersham, Basing-stoke, Guildford etc.. 4 completed 75 miles (120km), 10 people did 45 miles, rest did around 30 miles.. keep inspiring..Special achievements in this 8 years kid Charan 32 miles cycling, Hridya 12 years 48 miles.. appreciate all participants great inspiration..

Basingstoke team: Yeshokiran, Kalyan Petluru ,Sridhar, Venkat S, Amar, Sreenath and Babji 

Reading: Srinivasa Alluri, Pavan Mandava and Jagan completed 75 miles. Jayanthi Praveen, Praveen Bocha, Sridhar Suravarapu, Srujana, Charan (8 years old completed 32 miles), Parameshwar, Lavanya,Harika, Sekhar, Madhu and team

London: Babji who has cycling 75 miles today from London and first to reach

Amersham: Hemath Kumar Devabakuni, Ravi Babu who have done 45 miles

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