MAHE Summer camp for children

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Program details: MAHE Summer camp for Children in Hyderabad.

It is a wonderful opportunity for children from age 8 to 14 years. 

Objective:  To help every child for their holistic development by utilizing their summer holidays productively.

Benefits: Concentration, focus on right learning, Self-discipline, right knowledge, good health, becoming more responsible and self -reliant, identifying hidden talents and developing with best techniques. these are very important needs for every child to shape up their bright future.

Why this camp? Unfortunately these days children are missing right path, losing their health, focus and becoming more selfish and irresponsible. It is all our responsibility to do help them to shape up their future and make the real humane with  excellence.  So this program has been organized by Manavata Academy of Human Excellence ( as part of its voluntary mission.

Registeronline here or call helpline 9966673111

  • Note: Interested people can register / nominate their children asap as there are limited seats, which served only to early registrations


  • Yoga Practice & guided Meditation
  • Personality Development
  • Krida Yoga/ Memory games
  • Vedic Maths
  • Health activities: Healthy food competition cooking, nutrition awareness
  • Environment: paper bags making, sprouting, fun science
  • Storytelling, debates, quiz, culture and creativity

Time8am to 11am from 28th May to 6th June.

Contribution: 300/-  

This program also includes following topics 

1) Paper bags making, sprouting, fun science

2) Story Telling, Debates, Memory games, Quiz, Culture and creativity  for Children

3) Vedic Maths

4) Healthy food competition cooking, Nutrition awareness

Lectures & SpeakersSri Prabhod, Sri Anand, Sri  Srinivas, Sri Naveen and other guest lectures by prominent Leaders in Personality Development

The benefits of Meditations are:

1)        Increase immunity and helps fight diseases.

2)        Relieving  from Body pains, Heart issues, Lowers high blood pressure

3)        Get rid of negative thoughts & depression

4)        Improving Self-confidence & Memory Power

5)        Reduces ageing.

6)        Improve metabolism and helps you lose weight

7)        Increases Emotional Stability & Creativity

8)        Increase the happiness​.

Conducting Memory games for Children by Prabodh.



Bringing​​ awareness on Meditation and Spiritual Reality by Nirmala.





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