Manavata Inspire Program Lights Up Children’s Day

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Children’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Pamapuram ZPHS, thanks to the Manavata Inspire program organized by our esteemed founder, Srini ji. The event featured an engaging quiz and inspirational messages aimed at fostering teamwork, knowledge enhancement, and overall personal development among the students.

During the program, Srini ji passionately conveyed the mission of Manavata Samskara Vidya, emphasizing the importance of instilling values such as humanity, efficiency, quality, and the development of a great personality in every child. Addressing the current societal scenario, he expressed concern about the unproductivity of 90% of the youth and highlighted the need for cultivating a culture of self-reliance and selfless service from an early age.

Srini ji encouraged the children to shift their focus from personal gains to contributing to society, parents, and Mother Earth. He emphasized the value of thinking about what one can give rather than what one can take, reinforcing the principles of responsibility and service.

As part of the event, the children showcased their understanding of Manavata’s principles through an awareness play and creatively designed Manavata awareness play cards. The participation of dedicated teachers added to the success of the program.

To recognize the efforts of all participants, a prize distribution ceremony was conducted, bringing joy and a sense of accomplishment to the children. The positive atmosphere and motivational messages conveyed during the event inspired the children to take up the challenge of becoming better citizens, contributing positively to their communities and society at large. The celebration truly left a lasting impact on the young minds, fostering a spirit of responsibility, cooperation, and a commitment to holistic development.

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