Yoga Transforms Students at Govt skl PEBBEIR

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On November 16th, 2023, the Manavata Inspire session took place at Govt ZP High School Pebbair, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of the attending children. Srini ji, the esteemed founder of Manavata, led an inspirational session focused on imparting values and mind power techniques to the eager young minds.

The core of the session revolved around Yogic techniques designed to bring harmony between the body and mind. Srini ji passionately instructed the children on the transformative power of meditation postures such as Padmasan and Vajrasan, encouraging them to strive for Asana Siddhi and adopt the practice of sitting straight. Scientifically elucidating the connection between a straight spine and an activated brain, Srini ji highlighted the profound impact on intellect, concentration, and self-confidence.

In a bid to instill a sense of social responsibility, Srini ji urged every child to enhance their performance and productivity by extending a helping hand to others. Emphasizing the importance of practicing human values, he sought to cultivate a culture of compassion and cooperation among the students.

Further enriching the session, Srini ji delved into the Samskara Vidya program, offering a holistic approach to the children’s development. Outlining the program’s benefits, he nominated 20 children to assume leadership roles, tasking them with the responsibility of training five peers each in the coming year.

The culmination of the session witnessed expressions of gratitude from both children and teachers. They lauded the program’s impact on their lives and eagerly requested follow-up sessions. The positive feedback and enthusiasm demonstrated the resonance of Srini ji’s teachings and the appetite for ongoing inspiration and guidance.

As Manavata continues its mission to empower young minds, the Govt ZP High School Pebbair session stands as a testament to the organization’s commitment to nurturing values, intellect, and leadership skills among the future generation.

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