Hearing Aids for Children in Chennai

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Dear All,

Yes finally we have done it!!!!! the kids have received their hearing aid last week :-).  I take this opportunity to thank all for all the hard work and effort put upon by every individuals in the journey of providing hearing aid to the SPASTN kids.

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I am sure this Diwali for the kids would not only been a colorful one, but also a sound one. I wonder what changes would be brought to the kids life after this and exited to see that.

A special thank to Mr. Sinha’ji, Mr. Raghunath’ji and Mr. Srini’ji in setting this forum and enabling the resources to reach the kids. Without their guidance and support it wouldn’t have been possible for me to carry out this drive successfully.

Mrs. Prathiba from SRMUC and their department have extended their support all the way in assessing the kids and setting us platform from technical front. They also have extended their support in offering the tests to the kid at lower rates for this event. Also they have patiently handled the kids with CP and have assessed them on more than one occasion to complete the tests.

Mrs. Nivedita and Mrs. Devi from SPASTN have invested their time and efforts in coordinating with the children and their parent. Thanks for all their effort and follow up.

Though this journey have taken so long than expected almost an year, it was splendid and i did came to know quite wonderful people in my way. Our intention was to provide the hearing aids at the earliest and we tried to do it best from part in providing it at the earliest. With this experience i will try to do things better and faster way.

I have attached the photos during our hearing aid distribution in which like minded people were invited. People like Murthy who is a leading surfer in india made is way out from tsunami and now is helping people and young kids with education and schooling. Team from ROOTS organization who work on positive mental illness was also there, who enables people recovered from mental illness to get back to normal living by setting up stores and business outlets like vegetable shops, by this they will get into a normal living and provide them a chance to fight for themselves in this competitive world.

The idea behind the gathering was to bring like minded people together and to reap benefits out of it. Finally here are some thank you note from SPASTN which i would like to pass it one to the team.


Greetings from SPASTN!

I am extremely pleased to enclose the photographs of the distribution of hearing aid for our students. We would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude for so many hands coming together from the Manatava Trust to make this donation possible.   Through this donation we are able to include students with hearing impairment to be a part of Aural world.

To all the team who work with you here, the hospital SRM and the team from UK please convey our many thanks.

We are confident that you will continue to support us in case the students who are needy.


And once again i thank wholeheartedly for all the people and organization who have invested their efforts and time. Apologies if i missed anyone in my thanking note.

Looking forward to work again with you all in another such wonderful event.

Thanks All!!!!!!!!

Balaji Sridhar

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