Hiroshima to Nagasaki Updates

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Important thing I want to introduce to the modern world is how to get un attached and self-controlled towards self-realization path. As Saint Patanjali explains mortification is one of the key parameters to master the self. i.e to leave slavery of sensory pleasures and get control over senses and mind, you need to get out of comfort zone.. meditation is not something you get it with nice music and very comfortable zone, but it is only to just have an initial experience. That’s why in advanced meditation techniques, you need to come out all luxuries and attachments. Otherwise you can achieve the goal. i.e sacrifice is key.

   Other hand, One should go through the experience of a beggar, homeless, hunger and poor people, so that he can understand pain of others and one can find way to help right needy.   I will write spirituality involved in this and how our prayers and good thoughts can help everyone around us.

All, I know you are trying to keep maximum care for me, but above reasons, I kept things very simple and take only conscious steps to protect nature also while we live, I couldn’t do much of events on the way except some information communications as I couldn’t find any school events or community events to work together.
Last night I slept in a part with my tent, very calm, no one around, nice sounds of cricket insects, finally had a wonderful sleep from 11pm to 5am.. have you every had experience of sleeping alone in a calm place like that on a full moon day.. great for meditation J.. I also had a nice meditation in Matyasana in the see on my way to Nagasaki.
Yesterday and today’s cycling are going good. another 30 miles to reach Nagasaki.. bit of terrain and wind today, hopefully I can reach before 6pm and meditate at peace park in Nagasaki. I also need to meet seed protection organic farmer. Whether is bit cloudy, I will have to start now, will send you more updates after I reach Nagasaki.​
I tried to avoid milk, but today and yesterday, after completion of oats, I couldn’t plain things, most of them are processed.. so I managed with milk, nuts and fruits. After Camera gone, it is much better, no need to take pictures, just keep mind focussed on God and prayers to achieve the purpose (though we can’t talk much to locals, thoughts and prayers can help to spread humanity).​

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