MANAVATA Arogya Radham Medical services Tomalapalli

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MANAVATA “Arogya Radham” Medical services, Tomalapalli 31/10/2020,, Medical helpline: 9966673111
Manavata Arogya Radham: Medical camps in Tomalapalli, Sekhapuram villages (Pebbair Mandal), Wanaparthy dt. Around 120 patients who are poor, aged, have taken treatment.. health awareness session also went on well. Mainly covered diet, healthy life style, drug de-addiction for smoking and alcohol etc. Sri Srinivasa Alluri (Fonder of Manavata) has lead these camps. Dr. Turupathi, Siva, Srinivasa reddy, Dr. RVR Satyanarayana garu and other volunteers helped to make camps successful. local volunteers Tomalapalli Surpanch Madhu garu & team, sekhapuram volunteers teacher Bisanna garu, Anji, Sai and team helped in these camps.
awareness session in every camp atleast for 20 minutes is important for these villages.. so I request all our medical team to spare 20 minutes in every camp to conduct a session.. and 5 minutes meditation

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