Manavata Ashram (Lolla) recent visit

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Past one week I have been working with our volunteers, children, schools and health centres here for review and further improvements and to bring high spirit of humanity in all. There are number of challenges, even we put all our efforts to see a positive change, there are several negative forces from outside distracts children. Though it is important to make every child responsible, but many youth are irresponsible, they waste lot of time and efforts on unnecessary things, which is making them inefficient also degrading society. So I have spent most of the time for giving them how to get self-control, how to get rid of laziness and how to live like a responsible human being.

They all well motivated and nice, but we still need to have regular follow-up.. I have requested volunteers to make sure these right practices are followed on regular basis along with frequent PDP sessions.

Overall learnings from children for past few years is very good through volunteering. They are able to now grow vegetables naturally, do their own works by themselves, able to take yoga sessions, able to volunteer in health centres to serve patients with kindness etc. this has helped them a lot to keep them healthy, happy and active. In the process they have learnt lot of skills. They know what is non-violence, how to care plants, creatures and nature while bringing food from fields.

As our past 10 years’ experience in Manavata Ashram has proved that even below average students also can be empowered through right practices.. this is the base for our UFH, and it has to be expanded to larger community to get right practices of humanity, I requested each child to volunteer more and help more even in their school also.

Some of the captured experiences:

Gardening & vegetable growing at Ashram:image002.jpgActive Desi cows gives fresh milk to children:image004.jpgCleaning and Hygiene training for our ashram children: Health & Hygiene (Check-up and clean-up) camp for children in this week (Jalanethi/nostrils, Thrataka/eye ball, ear cleaning, Jaladhouthi/stomach cleaning, lungs cleaning/pranayama, mind cleaning/meditation & Gita study).
image006 (1).jpgEducation:Mind and body:

Early morning cleaning process, drinking water, yoga, meditation, pledge and thought for the day makes them positive to start day with inspiration.


Academic standards:  We are trying to get into practice for every child. Picture below is academic standards listed in all text books of school. However, these standards are rarely followed by any of the students (including private schools). So proper understanding of subject itself is major problem in current education. That’s why we need more practical education.. system has to be changed and facilitate children to get into right practice. It has to happen with collaborative working by teachers and parents and encourage / allow student to study by his own. Govidaraju garu also trying to implement this method since long time with some of our  ashram children.  but due to lack of this method in practice by teachers and students at school, it is very tough to make them used it separately. So it requires collaborative work.  We have to discuss this again with schools management and education department at the top level to bring these standards into practice. As we are working with government schools to help all children in school also, we are trying to bring teachers also into the same page.



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