Manavata China Updates Day3

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10th June 2015:


Meeting with China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (10am to 11:45am):


Today we had a very productive meeting with CCAF (largest and transparent public charity in China), which works across china to help needy children with their programs, similar to Manavata Education projects.


Wang Lin, (Director and Secretary General) of CCAF and Jiang Ying (deputy secretary general) gave a brief introduction about foundation. Alluri Srini and Wei Jing gave introduction about Manavata. Phoebe Fu has helped in translation. Both Manavata china and CCAF teams have shared their views on how to work collaboratively to make bigger impact and to help each other. We also have shared ideas on making children more responsible and healthy especially in orphanages. Deeply touching experiences have made it clear about role of mother and care taker at homes. How it is important to maintain the dedication, equality and self-lessness for all volunteers. We also felt that there is a need of getting right training for volunteers of such critical roles. Lot of ideas exchanged during this meeting and came up with some of the key action points for next steps.


Following are the options To carry out Manavata activities with CCAF collaboration:

1. Exchange of Knowledge /expertise and programs among both organisations

2. Manavata to supporting the existing project resources

3. Establishment of a new project (identify Need, identify solution and build proposal, grant approval and initiation of project)


Next one week time, as part of our plan, we have schools / villages visits. So we can study bit more and see which high priority project we can take up to start with. Meanwhile CCAF also will come back with ideas of where we can start help in terms of empowering children.


Later Jing, Engang and myself had discussion for next steps plans. We will get more clarity in couple of days.

Session in Beijing University:


Sharing life experiences and session decision making at critical stages of life, Yoga practice session, Q&A went on well in today’s session in Beijing University. Li Qian helped in translation for yoga session.. ZhenZhao Jia, student leader gave a wonderful introduction about Srini and Manavata. Phoebe helped in translation, Wei Jing has given final comments and bit more about purpose of Srini’s visit. Post interaction of students also very interesting. Srini thought of the key yoga techniques to improve concentration, relief from stress and get rid of ailments etc. Dr. Engang Fu has made everything possible with his simple living and hardworking.



Chinese traditional medicines:


As per today’s learnings, from plant based herbs, people can easily prepare medicine by cooking these herbs as shown in picture. It boils like soup to drink with certain dosages. It is similar to Ayurveda in India.



Acupuncture treatment: just also had look at how people learn and treat themselves with acupuncture here.



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