Manavata China Updates Day1

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8th June 2015:


Landed in Beijing around 2:30am.. after immigration & baggage collection I thought I should wait some time inside as it may not be good to disturb Prof Engang at that time. I came out around 4am, by that time, Engang already waiting since an hour for me.. any how he did not upset at all and felt very happy that he could find me and picked me up. He drove me to his house with lot of hospitality and knowledge exchange.  He already showed me campuses of both Universities on our way.


After fresh up, I did bit of Yoga and meditation practice. Later I had breakfast with Jing’s parents. Mother prepared Ganji with rice and some steamed vegetables. We had a brief discussion about Manavata activities plan in Beijing.. Later Phoebe and Helen taken me to give overview of Beijing with some visiting places like summer palace and forbidden city. We walked over 15 miles to see around and I got an understanding of the people, places and culture.



Good thing is we can refill drinking water at any food shop and they give us hot water. You can’t find cold drinking water, you get only hot water, which is very good interms of hygiene. People also making use of this hot water to make their food like hot soup with ready made soup mix in their journey. Dragon and berry seems to be a local seasonal fruits, many other varieties are travelling from distance.


Here many people have got smoking habit, I am surprised to know from Jing that some of the villages have got all people impacted by cancer. They are named like lung cancer village based on the impact they had. Learning some basic language from Ying was helping me a lot to understand and communicate a bit.


I also visited a store here to understand Chinese traditional medicines, I think it needs bit more understanding with relevant experts, which I will try to find from Engang and team here. Evening after come back home, I have completed work for next day.


9th June 2015: One step food correction with innovation

One word can change life if you take it serious: here is an example:

1)      When I said, prepare vegetarian food with no salt and no oil & just steam it.. These many wonderful recipes came from a mother in one day. Creativity and innovation automatically comes from within when you take anything seriously to change, innovation automatically comes makes life colourful.

2)      My next word, use all ingredient whole meal only.. So with these two steps most of the food is corrected becomes healthy

Mother who gave birth to wonderful humanitarian thinkers Wei Jing and Ying, made all this to happen. So mother is mother, who always thinks about children’s health and long term happiness and make sure that best practices are adopted in family. Such wonderful creative mothers only could create positive leaders in this world.




9th June:


Tsinghua University (To University like MIT of China): PDP: How to reach your goals?


Talk and Q&A went on well with engineering. Students who came to this session were very good with lot of positive interests and social inclination. Their interactions and right questions made session more interesting. Phoebe has helped in translation wherever required, most of the content students could grasp talk in English well..


Today’s topic is how to reach Goal. Srini has given a brief talk on how set goals and how to reach them. He has emphasized particularly on 3 key learnings for the life Self-discipline, Concentration and Wisdom, he said, to reach goals and achieve holistic success in life these 3 are mandatory. He has explained with examples from his life experiences and Cycling for Humanity. All the students have involved so much into the session and made very good interaction with Srini.. as part of the part of the journey Srini made it clear that our precious time should be spent wisely and efficiently without any distraction and he has explained them how to make right decisions at every part of critical junction and how to stick to the path towards goal. Wisdom includes what is right and what is wrong, how to use knowledge in proper way, what is right knowledge? What is temporary and what is permanent, how this power of wisdom can help in decision making are the some of the key points covered.


Ying’s friend Li Qian an experienced Yoga teacher who is also helping Manavata activities here met with me and Jing today. We have discussed about next Manavata Yoga workshops which Qian has planned in this week.


Later Prof Engang, Ying and team  took me to their home. we have discussed next day’s session. Ying has also finalized cycling plan, she has managed to arrange this along with bicycle club planned event to Great wall. She said, bicycle club people are very much interested to cycle with Srini and arrange his cycling and talks on the way to great wall. So 13thMorning 6am CFH starting from Beijing University.


Overall Jing has made a wonderful schedule for the programs from tomorrow.


Very interesting thing happened today is 3 year old Ying’s daughter came to me this evening when I was working on my laptop, and sitting beside me and trying to sit in Meditation posture. I asked her, do you want to learn, she said yes. It is wonderful to see that she has followed instructions carefully and did lotus posture and meditated for 10 minutes in silence. All she did is she has observed this morning’s practice by his father and Ying’s mother who practiced with me at same location. I am very pleased with her interest and such a commitment at that early age.


Kid came forward with self-interest to learn meditation:




Wonderful family of Dr Engang and Jing, we have been working together for the cause!




On the other note:


Congratulations to all Manavata volunteers on the occasion of today’s Ashram’s (orphanage) 11th annual day. It was wound team work all these days constantly with strong commitment!


I would like to greatly appreciate all the volunteers who are dedicatedly working for Ashram, Subbaraju, Poornima, Varalakshmi, Govindaraju, Munireddy, Revanth,  Prakash, Naresh, Leena, Kiran, Mukund, Kalyan, Jayanthi, Babji, Uma, Sriram, Rao and each and every Manavata volunteer who have been greatly supporting the cause. Please keep up your good work.. all the best for our children, Ashram and all volunteers. I also appreciate our children who are actively involved in the self-development and volunteering for social development. More than 150 children are able to benefit directly with this project apart from the supporting several rural development activities. Around 90 blind children and 45 dumb and deaf children also got benefitted from this project. This year we are planning to take up another 100 children which also include a new location setup.


This year’s new ashram initiation work at Kothakota area is now moving forward as part of our UFH ( thanks to all sponsor and volunteers who are contributing for this cause of UFH. Keep up the good work..


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