Manavata China Updates Day4

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Here is an update from our founder Srini from his China visit:


Day 4: 11th June 2015:


We had yoga session this morning along with Jing and family. Though many people wanted to practice everyday, generally in a hurry, people are missing their own practice to stimulate their mind and body with yoga/meditation practice in the morning, which is causing less productivity. So good leadership at home helps better self-development and to make whole family healthy.


I had breakfast with my china parents: (What I mean by my parents is whoever given birth to humanitarians, they are all my parents J ). Eating with Chop sticks makes us to focus and eat slowly with small chunks, which is good for health. Without even understanding language, just in 2 days time, mother managed to prepare healthy, wholemeal, nutritious, fresh breakfast without salt, oil and sugar. I suggested father to not to go for pickles, which might have caused his knee pain due to lot of salts in these pickles. In this region people generally use pickled vegetables than fresh (due to weather conditions here in the past). Today they have managed to have their breakfast with fresh veg without pickles. If they can maintain this way, they will be much more healthy. This is where people have to more conscious and sensible.



Note: How to take care of your old parents and young children?

Both are almost similar!


All you need to do is spend your time with them for productive and positive things. Give them peace, happiness, keep them in goodness, exercise/yoga with them, eat healthy with them/make them to eat healthy, meditate with them, read a good book for them, share your good things them, always motivate them towards good. keep them in good health, happiness by encouraging them to do good. avoid talking unnecessary things and negative things with them.


This is our most important duty, which we should not skip! You can’t perform your duty properly until you become pure! So we should be wise enough to cultivate right practices in our day to day life, so that we can inspire them as an example and make them not caught up with wrong habits but keep always in purity* with regular cultivation**.


*Purity: what is purity? Purity is apart from defilement. Defilement is the greed, hatred, and stupidity present in our minds. Cultivation is clearing these impurities from our hearts.


BNVS visit:


We met with Diao Wen (Secretary General) of BN vocational school (BNVS).. it was a nice exchange of experiences of both BNVS and Manavata. BNVS has been doing a great work from past 10 years to empower youth. Not only just building their livelihood, but also building morel responsible humans. Lot of common values and similar empowerment approach with both BNVS and Manavata programs. A practical and innovative education, holistic development and voluntary service is helping not only just people, but also society in total. BN V setup for vocational education innovative and helping students more practical in a simplified approach. They do take them to field trips to being real experience.


Diao Wen has given brief introduction about BNVS and Srini gave intro about Manavata, how Manavata works together with different institutions to make young people self-reliant and socially responsible. Srini has expressed that main concern still remains youth since Manavata inception in 1991. Selfishness and lack of responsibility at young age, making people lives miserable and unemployment problem and anti-social behaviour is still are the big issues in many countries in the world because of youth is miss using their time, efforts and resources. Diao also said, youth is the key problem and similar problem they also facing china, that people are getting educated from institutions but not getting right skills and expertise for employment. Majority of youth are not taking responsibility of their own, they don’t want to work until they get some suitable job. Staying without work and relaying others even though they have ability to relay on themselves, is a massive problem for this world.  When they do not realize importance of their duty, their time and life, education can’t help, so BNVS and Manavata have 100% aligned to focus on value based education. As Swami Vivekananda rightly said:

“Education is the process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpened, as a result of which one can stand on one’s own feet.”


As a next step, we will work on mutual co-operation and support to work of each other as we see plenty of opportunity and synergy among us.





Yoga online channel Interview: 2pm


Afternoon Li Qian, Wei Jing and myself went to a village outside Beijing at foothills of beautiful mountains. Founder of Yoga retreat centre has done my interview on Manavata, CFH and Astanga Yoga. This will be broadcasted on his online yoga channel.


Yoga workshop: 6pm to 9pm


A dedicated group of yoga practitioners in central Beijing have hosted this event. Dr. Yu Hui picked us from station, Madam Jin Peyu who has stated this group and team has given us warm welcome along with their president. I took a practice session on asanas, pranayama and meditation.. given inputs on importance of going to next level beyond body and mind towards self-realization and importance of mastering mind & body. They all very well received and extended their support to Manavata China activities. Next time, they would like to organize and pass on this positive inspiration to many more people. Later on we have discussed about 3H mission and family handbook emphasizing on ideal daily schedule and healthy routine. 


Wei Jing has made a wonder efforts to keep such a nice events during this trip.

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