Manavata China Updates Summary

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3 days visits to An Hui

Most important things we have discussed in Jin Zhan council officials meeting is about Manavata activities:

Giving simple solutions to complex social issues. Governer expressed similar approach as Manavata working model. as we work on number of social initiatives for education, health and environment.

Manavata perspective, there is no discrimination or restriction, we want to surely see everyone living with humanity.

I said, China and India should work together to protect mother earth. If majority of the world population can start living simple, eco-friendly and bring sustainable and overall wellbeing-ness with holistic approach, that will help a lot to the world..

International Yoga day events confirmed for 21st June. Wei Jing also organizing a core volunteers meeting for Manavata China planning and launch after Yoga sessions and workshops on this Sunday:

Governor of the council, vice president of Sanitation department and many other higher officials attended this meeting.

He said, education and sanitation are big problems in this part of world. Many government schools do not have proper teachers. Many villages do not have enough care for elderly people.

Action for Manavata China team is to design simple model for providing voluntary teachers and helping with online classes to those schools. Also providing simple mobile health camps to different villages.. we need to make sure quality of service with right people who can serve with love and care. (action: Manavata china team to work on building local volunteers who have got self-less attitude and service mindedness).

Nan Xi school visit:

Today’s visit to this school was very useful.. this is the best school in the region. Principal and students have received us very well and given us overview of the school.. then we have visited 3 classes to understand students. they all responded very well for the Manavata message of 3H and practice of humanity. They are very disciplined and well received the message.. we have hope on their future to make them self-less leaders.

Main ideas came up in the brainstorm discussions with the team, there are 3 models which can suite the needs of the schools to work in collaboration.

1.       Fellowship / knowledge exchange program

2.       Online classes

3.       MAHE implementation

This is a model senior high school in Anhui county:


Inspiration for 11th class students: Students are very nice and welcoming.. well disciplined in this school.. interaction went on well, message passed was, “Humanity is our Identity: one big family”, Our mission is to create a healthy, happy and harmonious world.. inspiration for youth of our over 25000km cycling for humanity in 17 countries so far, which has motivated students to become responsible humans and honest/efficient leaders of future for better world! Srini has requested students to take responsibility to help needy people in villages especially old people and young children who have not one there to care with love as it is very important need in many villages in China. Phoebe helped to translate speech.. motivated students have happily accepted messages with their big  claps.


Interaction in English class:


Interaction during Maths class:


Helen and Phoebe going thru some of the phrases written in the school on this wall, see that happiness looking at interesting and funny phrase: i.e. “if you haven’t study to death, then live in death and study J”


Later we have visited to a Nan Xi Sanitation centre (county level hospital). Head of this institution and other staff members gave us warm welcome and wonderful intro about hospital and need of improvement enhancement of their hospital. They are looking for collaborations to bring expertise, train their doctors/staff for better service and also more funding to support poor, as this is govt. hospital, 80% of the funding from government and 20% patient needs to pay. At present every Friday there are special doctors visiting.


One teacher schools in mountains region:

Two students and one teacher, but here teacher is not really taking responsibility.. these two children area already missing love from parents as they work in faraway cities by leaving children with their grandparents in villages.


Other school visit is 3 kids and one teacher.. teachers seems to be taking good care of them. They are looking much better, after 2nd year of their study, they go for govt. residential school at bottom of mountain, which is 5km away. At present they are walking 2km for this school.



Middle school visit at bottom of the hill: Here also students so excited to interact with us.. and we could pass on the message to 7th standard students.


Tangjiahuichen Sanitation centre (govt. funded county level hospital):


We had dinner with governor of Nan Xi and other officials. General culture in these official dinners in china, they toast each other / one another to exchange their ideas or dealings. Overall we had a good discussion, We are back to accommodation around 9pm.

AnHui Visit:​

This is one of the counties near Shanghai.. we (Manavata team) came by overnight train journey here from Beijing. Friends of Xia Hu received us from Liu An station, drove us to AnHui. We had a very productive meeting this morning with governer of county Mr. Zhang. He has given a overview of Anhui and my question on key issues in this area, he said, there is no one to take care of old people in this village. Nursing home running houses 175 old people where there are 244 single old age people in this village. 40 orphan children are taken care of government (out of 40000 people population in this county).

Village has got wonderful initiatives to empower and help people in both intellectual help and physical help.

Haui and Yangzi revers are close to this area, so this area is very green and fertile. Mostly paddy fields but recent inventions to grow cape jasmine (water gardenia) flower making farmers to gain more profits. We have visited these farms in Feng Ying village, Guzhen district. We have also visited Duck farms and father industry this morning. Father industry is employing 400 people and regularly creating father based creative items and exporting to USA. They have created good model to empower villagers.. however most of the people work in cities and village has got more old people. So overall there is no one to care for old people. This is where Manavata rural health centres concept will help to take care of different villages around. Overall this is good village, there are more poorer villages in the south west according to Wei Jing and other volunteers information. We can imagine how people are suffering.. so it is more important to make people understand that it is all about making money, it is humanity which is more important with sharing and caring, while we are self-reliant. It is not about material completion, life is meaningful only when we live with humanity. So we should create such a harmonious living environment in every village. Old age homes should have



These visits helped us to understand problems of old people and see real life struggle of village people. There is no natural farming concept introduced here yet. But farming is well developed. Main issue is humanity, there is no one to support and share love with those old people who are more than 70 and 80 years old.

Now it is important for us to involve youth to volunteer in such project, by empowering them towards their lively with more broad minds to help needy in their day to day lives.

Collaboration with Smile foundation in Beijing:

Mr. Yapeng Li Founder and famous actor who contributes most to this charity felt so happy to meet Manavata team and he said, right education is very much important for now, where Manavata can play key role in China. President and other key members of child foundation also attended this meeting. He express lot of interest in Manavata University. he said, if Smile foundation is happy to work together with Manavata to extend UFH to China. We had a wonderful thoughts exchange in the meeting and discussed priorities and possibilities of social cause.




8th June 2015:

Landed in Beijing around 2:30am.. after immigration & baggage collection I thought I should wait some time inside as it may not be good to disturb Prof Engang at that time. I came out around 4am, by that time, Engang already waiting since an hour for me.. any how he did not upset at all and felt very happy that he could find me and picked me up. He drove me to his house with lot of hospitality and knowledge exchange.  He already showed me campuses of both Universities on our way.

After fresh up, I did bit of Yoga and meditation practice. Later I had breakfast with Jing’s parents. Mother prepared Ganji with rice and some steamed vegetables. We had a brief discussion about Manavata activities plan in Beijing.. Later Phoebe and Helen taken me to give overview of Beijing with some visiting places like summer palace and forbidden city. We walked over 15 miles to see around and I got an understanding of the people, places and culture.


Good thing is we can refill drinking water at any food shop and they give us hot water. You can’t find cold drinking water, you get only hot water, which is very good interms of hygiene. People also making use of this hot water to make their food like hot soup with ready made soup mix in their journey. Dragon and berry seems to be a local seasonal fruits, many other varieties are travelling from distance.


Here many people have got smoking habit, I am surprised to know from Jing that some of the villages have got all people impacted by cancer. They are named like lung cancer village based on the impact they had. Learning some basic language from Ying was helping me a lot to understand and communicate a bit.


I also visited a store here to understand Chinese traditional medicines, I think it needs bit more understanding with relevant experts, which I will try to find from Engang and team here. Evening after come back home, I have completed work for next day.


9th June 2015: One step food correction with innovation

One word can change life if you take it serious: here is an example:

1)      When I said, prepare vegetarian food with no salt and no oil & just steam it.. These many wonderful recipes came from a mother in one day. Creativity and innovation automatically comes from within when you take anything seriously to change, innovation automatically comes makes life colourful.

2)      My next word, use all ingredient whole meal only.. So with these two steps most of the food is corrected becomes healthy

Mother who gave birth to wonderful humanitarian thinkers Wei Jing and Ying, made all this to happen. So mother is mother, who always thinks about children’s health and long term happiness and make sure that best practices are adopted in family. Such wonderful creative mothers only could create positive leaders in this world.


9th June:

Tsinghua University (To University like MIT of China): PDP: How to reach your goals?

Talk and Q&A went on well with engineering. Students who came to this session were very good with lot of positive interests and social inclination. Their interactions and right questions made session more interesting. Phoebe has helped in translation wherever required, most of the content students could grasp talk in English well..

Today’s topic is how to reach Goal. Srini has given a brief talk on how set goals and how to reach them. He has emphasized particularly on 3 key learnings for the life Self-discipline, Concentration and Wisdom, he said, to reach goals and achieve holistic success in life these 3 are mandatory. He has explained with examples from his life experiences and Cycling for Humanity. All the students have involved so much into the session and made very good interaction with Srini.. as part of the part of the journey Srini made it clear that our precious time should be spent wisely and efficiently without any distraction and he has explained them how to make right decisions at every part of critical junction and how to stick to the path towards goal. Wisdom includes what is right and what is wrong, how to use knowledge in proper way, what is right knowledge? What is temporary and what is permanent, how this power of wisdom can help in decision making are the some of the key points covered.

Ying’s friend Li Qian an experienced Yoga teacher who is also helping Manavata activities here met with me and Jing today. We have discussed about next Manavata Yoga workshops which Qian has planned in this week.

Later Prof Engang, Ying and team  took me to their home. we have discussed next day’s session. Ying has also finalized cycling plan, she has managed to arrange this along with bicycle club planned event to Great wall. She said, bicycle club people are very much interested to cycle with Srini and arrange his cycling and talks on the way to great wall. So 13th Morning 6am CFH starting from Beijing University.

Overall Jing has made a wonderful schedule for the programs from tomorrow.

Very interesting thing happened today is 3 year old Ying’s daughter came to me this evening when I was working on my laptop, and sitting beside me and trying to sit in Meditation posture. I asked her, do you want to learn, she said yes. It is wonderful to see that she has followed instructions carefully and did lotus posture and meditated for 10 minutes in silence. All she did is she has observed this morning’s practice by his father and Ying’s mother who practiced with me at same location. I am very pleased with her interest and such a commitment at that early age.

Kid came forward with self-interest to learn meditation:

image003 (1).jpg

Wonderful family of Dr Engang and Jing, we have been working together for the cause!


On the other note:

Congratulations to all Manavata volunteers on the occasion of today’s Ashram’s (orphanage) 11th annual day. It was wound team work all these days constantly with strong commitment!

I would like to greatly appreciate all the volunteers who are dedicatedly working for Ashram, Subbaraju, Poornima, Varalakshmi, Govindaraju, Munireddy, Revanth,  Prakash, Naresh, Leena, Kiran, Mukund, Kalyan, Jayanthi, Babji, Uma, Sriram, Rao and each and every Manavata volunteer who have been greatly supporting the cause. Please keep up your good work.. all the best for our children, Ashram and all volunteers. I also appreciate our children who are actively involved in the self-development and volunteering for social development. More than 150 children are able to benefit directly with this project apart from the supporting several rural development activities. Around 90 blind children and 45 dumb and deaf children also got benefitted from this project. This year we are planning to take up another 100 children which also include a new location setup.

This year’s new ashram initiation work at Kothakota area is now moving forward as part of our UFH ( thanks to all sponsor and volunteers who are contributing for this cause of UFH. Keep up the good work..

Thanks once again for all your kind support.. keep it up!

Day 4: 11th June 2015:
We had yoga session this morning along with Jing and family. Though many people wanted to practice everyday, generally in a hurry, people are missing their own practice to stimulate their mind and body with yoga/meditation practice in the morning, which is causing less productivity. So good leadership at home helps better self-development and to make whole family healthy.
I had breakfast with my china parents: (What I mean by my parents is whoever given birth to humanitarians, they are all my parents J ). Eating with Chop sticks makes us to focus and eat slowly with small chunks, which is good for health. Without even understanding language, just in 2 days time, mother managed to prepare healthy, wholemeal, nutritious, fresh breakfast without salt, oil and sugar. I suggested father to not to go for pickles, which might have caused his knee pain due to lot of salts in these pickles. In this region people generally use pickled vegetables than fresh (due to weather conditions here in the past). Today they have managed to have their breakfast with fresh veg without pickles. If they can maintain this way, they will be much more healthy. This is where people have to more conscious and sensible.
Note: How to take care of your old parents and young children?
Both are almost similar!
All you need to do is spend your time with them for productive and positive things. Give them peace, happiness, keep them in goodness, exercise/yoga with them, eat healthy with them/make them to eat healthy, meditate with them, read a good book for them, share your good things them, always motivate them towards good. keep them in good health, happiness by encouraging them to do good. avoid talking unnecessary things and negative things with them.
This is our most important duty, which we should not skip! You can’t perform your duty properly until you become pure! So we should be wise enough to cultivate right practices in our day to day life, so that we can inspire them as an example and make them not caught up with wrong habits but keep always in purity* with regular cultivation**.
*Purity: what is purity? Purity is apart from defilement. Defilement is the greed, hatred, and stupidity present in our minds. Cultivation is clearing these impurities from our hearts.
BNVS visit:
We met with Diao Wen (Secretary General) of BN vocational school (BNVS).. it was a nice exchange of experiences of both BNVS and Manavata. BNVS has been doing a great work from past 10 years to empower youth. Not only just building their livelihood, but also building morel responsible humans. Lot of common values and similar empowerment approach with both BNVS and Manavata programs. A practical and innovative education, holistic development and voluntary service is helping not only just people, but also society in total. BN V setup for vocational education innovative and helping students more practical in a simplified approach. They do take them to field trips to being real experience.
Diao Wen has given brief introduction about BNVS and Srini gave intro about Manavata, how Manavata works together with different institutions to make young people self-reliant and socially responsible. Srini has expressed that main concern still remains youth since Manavata inception in 1991. Selfishness and lack of responsibility at young age, making people lives miserable and unemployment problem and anti-social behaviour is still are the big issues in many countries in the world because of youth is miss using their time, efforts and resources. Diao also said, youth is the key problem and similar problem they also facing china, that people are getting educated from institutions but not getting right skills and expertise for employment. Majority of youth are not taking responsibility of their own, they don’t want to work until they get some suitable job. Staying without work and relaying others even though they have ability to relay on themselves, is a massive problem for this world.  When they do not realize importance of their duty, their time and life, education can’t help, so BNVS and Manavata have 100% aligned to focus on value based education. As Swami Vivekananda rightly said:
“Education is the process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpened, as a result of which one can stand on one’s own feet.”
As a next step, we will work on mutual co-operation and support to work of each other as we see plenty of opportunity and synergy among us.




Yoga online channel Interview: 2pm
Afternoon Li Qian, Wei Jing and myself went to a village outside Beijing at foothills of beautiful mountains. Founder of Yoga retreat centre has done my interview on Manavata, CFH and Astanga Yoga. This will be broadcasted on his online yoga channel.
Yoga workshop: 6pm to 9pm
A dedicated group of yoga practitioners in central Beijing have hosted this event. Dr. Yu Hui picked us from station, Madam Jin Peyu who has stated this group and team has given us warm welcome along with their president. I took a practice session on asanas, pranayama and meditation.. given inputs on importance of going to next level beyond body and mind towards self-realization and importance of mastering mind & body. They all very well received and extended their support to Manavata China activities. Next time, they would like to organize and pass on this positive inspiration to many more people. Later on we have discussed about 3H mission and family handbook emphasizing on ideal daily schedule and healthy routine.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, Manavata’s mission is to create a healthy, Happy and Harmonious (3H) world by inspiring every human being to live with humanity, which is a big challenge to even visualize! As you have already seen, how difficult it is to even achieve 3H family.

China is highest populated country in the world with 1.4 billion people. Like you see in many parts of the world, material competition is growing day by day,  which is increasing more selfishness especially in younger generations. As per our friends Ying, Jing, Phoebe and Prof. Engang Fu, there is a huge discrimination between rich and poor in China, and poverty is suffering in many villages in China.

As you see world is facing Pollution, Poverty and indigestion problems, which intern creating number of lot of other problems, China is not different. But China had a great history of wonderful culture and harmony.

Now China is facing more pollution problem in both inside and outside (minds and environment). This is dangerous for the world.. it is important to see majority of the population come to right path to avoid suffering in their lives and sustain this world in better shape. It is important to create a bigger reformation of Humanity as huge wave of change through inspiring younger generations.

So purpose of my trip is to bring that inspiration and bigger wave of change.  Let us not be narrow minded and let us not just limit or constrain ourselves with limited thinking.. let us think big, do not under estimate yourself, you have a great strength and divine power.. bring that whole strength for this cause.. Act now to bring that big wave of peace and harmony, to inspire every person we touch. It doesn’t matter how materialistic or selfish they are.. we all connected. We together can make it happen. It is not just me visiting, you all with me, your minds and ideas are activing through me.

Last year, when Phoebe came up with an idea of helping poor children in a village school in China, she planted a seed for this wave of transformation. But it shaped up will with Ying’s and Jing’s power of thought and great effort. So we all thinking for this change, do not get afraid of anything, we together can make it happen. Your efforts for this cause is highly appreciated. Let us give enough support to Jing & Phoebe to start Manavata China chapter and work on 3H mission to empower poor.. let us make their dreams true. Connect everyone together with such a great spirit.

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