Manavata day celebrations at Lolla

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“Manavata Day Celebrations at Manavata Ashram in Lolla were a resounding success. The event featured a range of activities, including yoga competitions, essay writing, quizzes, and more, all thoughtfully organized for children.

During the event, the children were deeply inspired by the stories of 32 years of Manavata seva. Esteemed guests, including Phanikrishna Reddy garu, Munireddy garu, Sarpanch Janaki Rambabu garu, as well as teachers and doctors, graced the occasion with their presence. They shared their wisdom and experiences, leaving a lasting impact on the children.

The program also included a prize distribution to acknowledge and encourage the young talents. It was a day filled with learning, inspiration, and celebration, embodying the spirit of Manavata’s incredible service to humanity.”

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