Training for Viluvadibadi Teachers

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“Promoting Social Responsibility and Human Values: Training for Viluvadibadi Teachers (40 Members from 30 Villages)As part of 3 days teacher’s training at Earth Centre (Kadthal), paid tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ji as his birth day celebrated as International Students day. A two-hour workshop was conducted for Viluvadibadi teachers, comprising 40 dedicated individuals from 30 different villages. The workshop was facilitated by Sri Srinivasa Alluri, under the leadership of Lenin Garu and his dedicated team from Ananthapram. The session led by Srini ji received an overwhelmingly positive response for its inspirational content. CGR founder Smt. Konda Laksma reddy garu and other eminent guest speakers presented.During the workshop, Srini ji provided a comprehensive explanation of the importance of social responsibility and human values. He elucidated these concepts through a series of real-world examples and presented a step-by-step approach to integrating value education into the lives of students. Furthermore, Srini ji emphasized the significance of Manavata Samskra Vidya, outlining why this specific syllabus is essential for every student’s holistic development

At the conclusion of the workshop, Lenin and all the teachers made a heartfelt commitment to promote human values through practical means by first transforming themselves. Srini ji encouraged them to embody the principle of “practice before preach” and to create opportunities for students to actively participate in social responsibility initiatives.In addition, Srini ji shared his life mission for the betterment of humanity, encapsulated in the 3 H mission.

He urged every teacher to cultivate a personal vision and undertake inspirational work that students can emulate. The workshop emphasized the idea that teachers should lead by example, fostering social responsibility, and instilling human values in their students.In summary, this workshop not only provided valuable insights but also inspired the participating teachers to become torchbearers of social responsibility and human values. It marked the beginning of a journey where they would work to create a positive impact in their students’ lives, thus contributing to a better future for all.

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