Manavata Japan: Hiroshima to Nagasaki Cycling for Humanity

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5th July:

Healthy Living workshop in Hiroshima:

After successful completion of Hiroshima to Nagasaki cycling, Srini is now came to Hiroshima this morning by a overnight bus travel, met with Naveen and Satish at Hiroshima University campus. 
They are hosting a healthy living and yoga workshop at 4pm. Later Srini will be visiting Natural organic farmer Sakamoto Chiroshima who is doing wonderful work. he has invited Srini to stay at his farm tonight to utilize the time for knowledge exchange on natural farming and sustainable development.

If you have any contacts in Hiroshima you can ask them to get in touch with Satish on 0901333 6798 or Naveen: +81-80-5639-0693

24th June:

Srinivasa Alluri and other Manavata like-minded volunteers here in Japan are all set for cycling for humanity with a call to the world to be peaceful at self, at family, at nation and peace with neighbours to make world peaceful. 

Call for all human beings to removal of selfishness, greed, lust, hatred and Jealousy from minds to bring harmony.

Srini expressed thanks for all volunteers for their timely support to make Manavata activities progress:  Here is tentative schedule for Srini’s Japan visit.  Today and tomorrow, wonderful inspirational events in Tokyo.  You may want to invite your Japan friends and bring like-minded people for noble cause. 

Contacts: +81 90 9345 6758 or 

Tokyo Healthy Living /Yoga event

Hiroshima to Nagasaki: Cycling for Humanity

Date    Time    Event
24th June    4pm    Reach Tokyo & meet with Mr. Sastry
25th June         Work with local teams to complete planning and scheduling
25th June         exploring Sustainable technology and innovation
26th June         exploring Sustainable technology and innovation / Urban Agriculture etc
26th June    4pm    Meeting with University of Tokyo (Sustainable Agri)
27th     7am    meeting with Japan Organic Association president and farm visit
     5pm    Yoga and Healthy Living workshop in Tokyo
28th June    5am    travelling to Hiroshima in bullet train
     9:40am    reaching Hiroshima
          Meet Naveen and team
          pickup cycle and make arrangements
     10:30am    Yoga and Healthy Living workshop in Hiroshima
     11:45am    Cycling for Humanity start from Hiroshima Peace park
29th June         Cycling and other possible adhoc local awareness events
30th June         Cycling and other possible adhoc local awareness events
1st June         Reaching Nagasaki
2nd June         Fukuvaka visit and reach Hiroshima by evening
3rd June         Lyo, Natural farming visit
4th June         Possible week end events near Hiroshima / Akashi or Kyoto (based on local volunteers support)
5th June         Flying to India / Nepal from Hiroshima or Kyoto


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