Manavata Japan: Manavata Japan: Hiroshima to Nagasaki Cycling for Humanity

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Manavata Japan: Hiroshima to Nagasaki Cycling for Humanity

Srinivasa Alluri and other Manavata like-minded volunteers here in Japan are all set for cycling for humanity with a call to the world to be peaceful at self, at family, at nation and peace with neighbours to make world peaceful.

Call for all human beings to removal of selfishness, greed, lust, hatred and Jealousy from minds to bring harmony.

Srini expressed thanks for all volunteers for their timely support to make Manavata activities progress:  Here is tentative schedule for Srini’s Japan visit.  Today and tomorrow, wonderful inspirational events in Tokyo.  You may want to invite your Japan friends and bring like-minded people for noble cause.

Contacts: +81 90 9345 6758 or

Tokyo Healthy Living /Yoga event

Hiroshima to Nagasaki: Cycling for Humanity

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