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Manavata Ashram

Manavata Ashrams are being organized to empower orphans, poor and disabled children.  Based on need Manavata has been taken initiatives to setup and run Ashrams in different locations.Time to time Manavata has initiated and operated Ashram home facilities in different locations to help ignored /abandoned/needy children in that region.

So far Five Orphanages initiated & operated in different regions are as follows:

Orphanages in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

  •  Lolla(15 years), Hyderabad (8 years), Kalluru (3 years), Singarayakonda (1 years), Kothakota (1 year)
  •  Currently Ashram at Lolla, East Godavari dist. operating since 2005
  •  Total 250 children grown up and achieved good career so far!
  •  Helping other orphanages for children education and values.

MAHE Study Centres

MAHE is an international institution of Manavata working with its proven methods of practical & value based education to create efficient leaders, bring excellence and to make every child healthy, honest and responsible human. This facilitates every participant to build sound mind in sound body along with self-controlled intellect with right knowledge.

Natural farm (Organic Farming)

Natural Farming is a farming practice that imitate the way of nature. It can be interpreted in many ways and sometimes people misinterpret the notion of Natural Farming since the word “Natural” is used so casually in many places.Established projects, practicing natural organic farming, training farmers. we have reached over 20000 farmers to inspire them, trained over 600 farmers, 80 farmers successfully adopted our traditional natural organic methods

Kitchen Gardening

Gardening improves both mental health and physical health. It help to cure Anemia, iron and D-vitamin deficiencies as you spend time with plants and outdoor sunlight.. many women facing several health problems like depression, stress etc. all can be cured by positive engagement of their time for a productive work like growing fresh veg and fruit can be produced by their own organically, which improves family health.

Cycling For Humanity

Cycling For Humanity’ and conducing cycling events in different parts of the globe to inspire people towards eco-friendly, simple living.

A Harmonious Ride for Humanity!

This program is designed to promote humanitarian activities whilst at the same time preserving and protecting the environment. The twin objective is achieved by the most simplistic, safe and sustainable means of cycling! The primary motives underlying this program are

  • To create awareness and bring about a positive change in humanity towards humanity!
  • To integrate likeminded people for a noble endeavour!
  • To inculcate, imbibe and inspire youth in making them aware of their social responsibilities!

Skill Development

Manavata mission aims at inspiring youth to build up characters & channelize youth power towards development of the Nation.Character or behavious of a person in different scenarious can be called as personality.

Characteter: Good character is defined in term’s of one action.Charater development traditionally has focused on those traits or values appropriate for the industrial age such as obedience to authority,work,ethic,working in group under supervision,etc.

Arogya Kendram

Manavata Health centres are running in different villages to bring holistic and sustainable health and to provide free treatment and medicines for poor patients in remote villages where no medical facilities available. Currently serving in 25 centres serving over 30000 patients. Many patients got empowered by offering appropriate treatment for permanent cure and also bring awareness in people to follow healthy life styles. Each centre offers regular health awareness sessions, one to one counselling and personal guidance to each patient along with treatment. Root cause is properly analysed for perfect diagnosis before giving treatment and medicine.Ongoing schedules for these camps can be found on the Manavata Event Calendar.

Medical Support & Holistic HealthCare

In the year 2000, Manavata’s helpline was initiated for general public. It was a helpline for medical related emergencies, blood donations, critical surgeries etc. It was helpline for the poor citizen to access doctors for consultation. This helpline has been saving hundreds of lives since its inception. Manavata offers it for the service of humanity.

The same helpline is used even more during the COVID emergency. Manavata works along with the Police Departments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. With the Police Departments’ help, we have volunteers working in teams to provide necessary health care and food relief supply for the needy.