MAHE Samskara Vidya Program In Natavalli School

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Manavata University, Kothakota: Today’s Manavata Yoga and MAHE Samskara Vidya program in Natavalli school by founder Sri Srinivasa Alluri.. Inspired children and motivated teachers to active and creative teaching / learning methods. practice of concentration and mastering mind through regular Yoga practice, Core values, Asanas, Mudras and Meditation are covered in this workshop.. also conducted yoga contest for children and best 20 students identified as leaders for each of the 8 classes in the school and given prizes for them. made them leaders for samskara vidya. Children got basic training for daily Sadhana, They all pledged to do Yoga 10 min of meditation daily morning.. serving their parents, growing trees and helping someone every day..

Meditation at Lord Shiva Temple in Lolla!

Today early morning meditation with some of our Ashram children...