Personality development Program

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Personality development and yoga workshop in Gangavaram ZP High school.. around 450 students & teachers participated. everyone inspired and pledged to serve their parents, elderly people and mother nature. Sri Srinivasa Alluri (Founder of Manavata) session helped hole school to rise their quality and humanity. very positive change in kids and teachers.. he said that.. human values are as part of Yoga.. Yoga gives self control along with holistic health.. so it is most important for every student to practice yoga daily. Manavata Yoga charts are kept in all class rooms by their teachers.. Manavata Samskara vidya study centre also they will be starting soon.

Around 200 patients taken treatment in Manavata Health center Gagavaram.. who have attended Srini ji’s Health & Yoga workshop. this awareness helped many people to cure their problems..

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