Personality Development Program

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Pesonality development and Manavata samskara vidya program in beachpally gurukul inspired both students and staff to become responsible citizens and turn themselves as great citizens of India with all human values & leadership.

Srinivasa Alluri founder of Manavata has given inspirational workshop for them for 2 hours. every student and staff member promised to adopt the best practices and human values.. and work on their personality development.

Srini has emphasized on importance of time and about valuable human life.. leading purposeful and meaningful life is only possible when you use every second for right purpose.

Srini also given then Yoga techniques to mastering their minds and senses.. so that they can achieve higher goals and success in life. Principal Veerareddy garu, and vice principal thanked for conducting this program and requested us to conduct at least 1 program every month. 550 students 6 to 12th standard and 30+ staff members attended this workshop.

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