Relief camps in A.Pudhur, Siruthondamadevi and Vasapoathur

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19th Dec 2015:
Apudur camp went well: 350 patients take treatment so far (all age groups).. old people: joint pains, back pains, abdomen issues, skin problems, female issues due to low nutrition for last one month, fevers, bleaching/ sanitation, educating patients, (total population of village: 250 families).
Team of Doctors Dr.Rajkumar, Dr.Sampath, Dr.Santosh, Dr.Satrapathi have served in this camp with their dedication and commitment towards service. as this village people have to travel in 2 buses to reach near by PHCs, they couldn’t get much of medical help so far. All volunteers satisfied with the camp in this village.



Afternoon, team went to Siruthondamadevi village and conducted medical camp there until 6:30pm. as reflling of medicines from long distance (from paruti), it took bit more time for medicines to reach village, but camp didn’t have any impact. Volunteers Muniyandi and his team helped in getting medicines to this village. Dr. Rajsekhar has co-ordinated this well, worked closely with Srini.




Vasaputhur blankets/mats distribtution:

We have distributed blankets and mats to selected around 200 poor families who have lost their homes. Gopu and team volunteered and organized this distribution in the village with the help of local people, village president etc.

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