Sadhana and Seva Camp @ Sandredu

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4th August morning 9 am Sandredu village Homeopathy camp at a local health centre where Alluri Srinivasa gave a speech regarding key issues based on health improvement tips and yoga therapy. The use of yoga therapy to gain control over one’s body will ensure physical health and thus translating to mental health benefits through the achievement of peace and control in the body. Yoga is promoted to be central to a healthy life by the Manavata organisation. There is also an emphasis by the group on following a full and proper dietary routine as well as an effective morning routine with a clear order of tasks e.g. bath, breakfast, and this will in turn result in better order in one’s life as well potentially avoiding diseases that arise from poor hygiene. One’s eating habits should also be proper and free of junk such as oily, sugary food, but rather should focus on fruits and vegetables. As a consequence of a healthy physical and dietary life, there will be minimum use of the expensive medicine that is prescribed by hospitals. Furthermore there is a strong belief at Manavata that food itself can be used as medicine and can be incorporated in one’s daily meals. The speech also gave demonstrations of several cleansing techniques in the hope that people will gain self reliance and move away from the dependency on medicine. The audience were shown natural, therapeutic ways to clean your nose, lungs, digestive tract and others. In addition there were also tips regarding dealing with physical problems such as knees and back pains, as well as internal ones such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Even further, they were shown to spiritual ways to deal with mental issues such as anger, hatred, and jealousy. The speech was truly eye-opening for the audience. After this speech, a few hours were spent checking up on patients. Over 110 patients were checked and diagnosed, and so prescribed with tips and potential medicine as appropriate.

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