Gangavaram Health and Yoga Camp in Manavata Rural Health Center & PDP Session in Govt.School

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On the second of August 2018, the Manavata group conducted a day programme where Alluri Srinivasa, the founder of the organisation, and his team visited several different places and communities to give a variety of speeches in order to promote and induce awareness about his ideologies and purpose. The Manavata organisation seeks to help those in need and bring a greater sense of purpose in people’s lives through the form of dietary and lifestyle tips and character development, in the hope that these ideas will then be passed between families and throughout the generations.

The day began with the Manavata group visiting Sri Rama temple where Alluri Srinivasa gave an eye-opening speech regarding a variety of issues such as personality and physical development, especially concerning dietary habits.

The speeches concerned a variety of issues ranging from the minimisation of plastic waste to psychosomatic diseases. A key issue raised in the speeches was the importance of addressing and fixing the root cause for a certain problem such as a disease rather than simply treating its symptoms, he spoke about corporate hospitals prescribing painkillers that merely subdue the pain rather than actually removing the cause of a certain disease, and so form an illusion to patients in which they believe they are healed, which in reality nothing has changed. The real solution to such problems comes from a healthy and active lifestyle and a junk-free diet, rich with nutrients. This is emphasized further through the use of yoga therapy to attain flexibility and control over one’s body, this will ensure physical health and also mental through the achievement of peace and control in the body.  Yoga is promoted to be central to a healthy life by the Manavata organisation. There is also significance to diet, one’s eating habits should be proper and free of junk such as oily, sugary food, but rather should focus of fruits and vegetables. As a result of a healthy physical and dietary life, there will be minimum use of the medicine sold by corporate hospitals. It is also believed that there is also a strong link between spirit and body, such that mental problems can translate into physical ones, known as psychosomatic diseases. These can arise through negative thoughts such as jealousy, temptation and hatred, causing a depression in both spiritual and physical wellbeing, and thus should be eliminated from one’s mind. Yoga is once again a great way to maintain inner peace and remove the risk of such psychosomatic diseases.

Srini took PDP session in  around 450 students attended. They all inspired with Srini words. All Teachers and HM requested for regular MAHE program in there school.

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