VSM College of Engineering PDP Session @ Ramavaram

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Srini given speech at VSM College of Engineering where the speech was directed to students in terms of their future plans and career options, making it very useful and relevant for the students. It was essential to make each speech sophisticated and accessible in equal measure to their respectable audiences. This was done properly and all audiences were captivated by the speech throughout.

Furthermore, in a world that is ever-increasing its reliance on the use of technology in our lifestyles, it is important to use it purely as a means for promoting good morals and a healthy way of life. Alluri Srinivasa is concerned that once technology is misused, it starts to take over our life where we allow technology to control our actions and humanity loses its sense of purpose. The use of gadgets such as TV and cinema used for entertainment should be limited as it is not the true meaning of entertainment, real entertainment should be born out of the process and satisfaction that comes from helping others and charitable behaviour, creating such a healthy environment ensures entertainment for all.




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