Samskara Vidya in Ramakrishnapuram ZP UP school

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Manavata Samskara Vidya in Ramakrishnapuram ZP UP school (Kothakota madal, Wanaparty dt) 12-2-2020: Natural farming training by our UFH team. Mainly one of the school teachers Mr Murali was regularly visiting Manavata UFH after he got inspired by our founder Sri Srinivasa Alluri garu. he has learnt good techniques of natural farming and implementing best practices in school to make kids to learn practically and become healthy. This school has started vegetable gardening.
Manavata is supporting this school for compost, training etc. Today Somesh from UFH trained kids on importance of natural organic, how to do?, how to prepare Jeevamrutham and other kashayams etc. kids were very much interested and learning well.

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