Samskara Vidya Workshops At Mallareddugudem

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We visited 3 tribal govt schools in remote villages around mallareddugudem, 38km from Jangaeddy gudem in West godavari dt and Bhadradri dt. Sri Srinivasa Alluri
has conducted Samsara vidya workshops and inspired children, parents and teachers with the best practices of humanity: yoga sadhana, health, natural farming, value education and seva. Last 3 years manavata study is running here, helped around 40 kids with daily tuition, yoga and samskara Vidya. (Manavata volunteers Anjaneyulu ByrrajuLeena Thomas have taken this initiative at Mallaigudem initially with the help of Venkataramaraju and team). now villages around have seen success of this and requested to arrange Manavata study center in their schools too.
These workshops helped kids to gain self-confidence, true knowledge of mother nature and health, human culture and righteousness.
Yoga and health workshop, homeopathy medical camp, yoga therapy, natural farming sessions went well. many villagers have taken treatment.
Farmers in tribal area also using too much chemicals in the farming for temporary gains.. Now after this workshop they have realized, how much they are loosing with the cheating from fertilizer companies and food processing companies. They have lost original methods, natural organic method and expertise, which is surprising. after the workshop. Now some farmers came forward to learn and adopt these methods. Teachers from other village schools also visited our study center and today’s meeting. Holistic health services also out of reach for these villages. So we need to help this area as lot of poverty there, though there is are very good natural resources.
Health: First of all main factors like hatred, fear and anger are root cause of chronic issues in this area.
Modernization spoiled this area too with cheep liquor, TV, cool drinks, fridge etc.. If people can get rid of TV and fridge most of the critical issues can solved.
Government free schemes and encouragement of belt shops spoiled these innocent people and also nature.
Government / Leaders must open eyes and make necessary changes to sustainable agriculture and holistic health care.

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