Workshop on Dental Care And Oral Health

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16th Feb 2020: Manavata Ashram, Lolla: Dr. Gayatri, Dr. Nimisha and team from Rajahmundry conducted dental check up and treatment today. Srini and this team have conducted a workshop on dental care and oral health. Yoga therapy, Homeopathy free treatment also provided. around 200 patients took treatment. Dr. Veeranjaneyulu, Dr. Sandeep, Dr. Satyanarayna and team provided traditional / holistic homeopathy treatment with proper root cause analysis for each patient.
Dental check up results are really shocking as many kids are suffering with severe dental issues. so it is important to educate people for dental care along with overall health care.
Sri Srinivasa Alluri has made following points for dental care and oral health:
1. Avoid Refrigerated foods, cool drinks, chocolates, sugar sweets which are causing teeth decay and illnesses.
2. brush twice a day, mainly before going to bed. wash mouth after every meal & gargling with salt water
3. Use natural tooth cleaners like neem stick or natural herbal tooth powder.
4. massage teeth and tough everyday morning to keep gums strong
5. Avoid anger
6. Eat healthy and fresh foods

he has also demonstrated eye cleaning and nostril cleaning

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