Seminar on Sustainable Development & Manavata at BHU, Varanasi

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Dr. Raghubanshi has introduced Srini and Manavata to faculty and students of Environment Department in BHU at the beginning of the seminar.

Sri Srinivasa Alluri has presented about Manavata and Sustainable development in real meaning. He has requested all intellectuals to share their ideas and research for the grassroots development and to help poorest of the poor while protecting nature, trees and natural farming.

He has also highlighted that all envrionmentalists must join hands and work together to make bigger impact.

He has presented how Inspiration of simple life style of Mahatma Gandhi and his methods can help in real sustainable development. In the modern life style there must be bigger change to support the initiatives. IMG_20170809_125025.jpgIMG_20170809_133916.jpg

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