Ravi Kumar Gande

Ravi is a IT professional living in USA over 20 years, I’m associated and connected with spiritual, community and humanity activities.

I was greatly connected and inspired by Srinivas garu in my very first meeting with an eye contact. He is spiritual, dedicated towards community health, education, humanity and people’s well being.

I’m inspired by all the services that Manavata is doing to the humanity like 3H Mission, Samskara Vidya, Help Needy and Eco-Friendly living.

As a US Executive, I along with others organized Community Health (Yoga & Meditation) and 3H activities in various places in USA.

Neerajakshi Daggubati

I am inspired by all the service that Srinivas garu...

Naveen Kumar Kodali

Naveen joined Manavata in 2017 as he was connected with...

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