Siddhesh is Software professional, Program director and has been working in IT in many senior roles. Though he is busy with his work and family responsibilities. He gives his time regularly for self-less service.

Siddhesh has been associated with Manavata since 2006 when he was working in Bristol, UK. Since then, he has contributed many innovative ideas for 3H mission and MAHE Samskara Vidya/ Value Education initiatives. His contribution helped Manavata programs to a great extent, he also contributes his time and money regularly for Manavata humanitarian cause. Currently he helps kids in their holistic development with MAHE Value Education courses in Bangalore. His dedication and self-less service has inspired many young professionals in IT and helped Manavata message to reach more people. Earlier Siddhesh had organized Mumbai Manavata events including Cycling, Yoga & Healthy living, which has inspired several young professionals to be part of the humanitarian causes.

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Manavata's selfless devotion to the society is the greatest inspiration...

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