Timely Holistic care recovered Constable Srinivas from Nagarkarnool

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He got severe temperature, skin allergy, itchy skin, whole body bleeding with rashes, blood comes out of the wounds. His wife called Manavata medical helpline. Dr. Suryaprakash consulted the patient, requested the photos of the skin and suggested diet and precautions. Founder Mr. Srinivas had a video call on whatsapp and suggested to keep the clean environment at home, apply neem & turmeric paste to whole body and take bath with neem water, suggested body cooling diet like coconut water, barley and fresh fruit juice, tippa teega kashayam. they followed this method strictly, got betterment within 2 days. Manavata also escalated to TS police, local SP team acted quickly to take get some local treatment too. Daily Manavata volunteers followed up this case, 90% is recovered. Wife called back and appreciated the help at the right time.