University for Humanity (UFH) initiation with sacred Land worship

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Today is a great day for Manavata with a wonderful start of dream project Manavata UFH. Manavata UFH core team visited from Hyderabad and Bangalore along with our Chief guest Swamini Amma ji from Purna Vidya Foundation, Haridwar. 

Mirasapalli village near Kothakota (140 km from Hyderabad on NH 7 high way), Mahabooknagar district, land has identified for UFH and today it has been formally initiated to start UFH ground work for sustainable development projects.

Manavata core team has been working on this project for past 6 months and now actively moving towards establishment of UFH towards making 500 villages self-sustainable in the areas of Education, Health and sustainable environment.  

Team also has done majority of survey activity for the land for next steps to establish natural farming, farmers training, teachers training, medicinal plants garden, ashram for children and other humanitarian projects within campus.

Later on, a wonderful workshop has been organized in Manavata Hyderabad HQ Sri tower on Self-realization and self-less service. Swamini Amma ji addressed audience on value based education too. 

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