Vedic Health Practice & Natural Farming Training Program on 12.02.2016

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Wonderful day in UFH, with knowledge exchange with Sri MCV prasad, Dr. Ramachandra, Sri Ramarao Master, Anand, Chandra, Praveen and other volunteers joined.

AlOeUReiZ704U87rESQeWIJkHLCUy77ycyIcadpIqoDc.jpg Excellent speech by Dr. Ramachandra rao (Expert in Nature cure)


Water testing training : Very important information about water during our recent training program at UFH.. PH value is in RO water (bottled / mineral water) is in between 4 and 5, which is not good for drnking. Pure rain water gives ph 9.. ufh plain ground water ph 7. Thanks Mr. MCV prasad garu for spreading such awareness.


Use natural filter and harvest rain water.



అన్నం పరబ్రహ్మ స్వరూపం….Food distribution to poor people and villagers.

Plantation program in Manavata UFH.

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