Vedic Health Science by Sri Guru Ramarao garu on 13.02.2016

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The best dimensions for the homa gundiga as per Vedic Science.AoJcNdGpdQzXoKdH960aWGFRkrt5HSUO4QvD72vGGo3m.jpg

​​ Vedic Health Science Sri Ramarao Master explained about importance of Gayatri Mantra, Veda while peroforming Brahma Yajnam at the time of sun rise and sun set during the first day vedic health science course at UFH. He was mentioning about studies done at USA  on spiritual mantras. He told us Gayatri Matra is the best Divine prayer as per USA research. We are very fortunate to have in the UFH and what a great personally he is. He is doing wonderful selfless service to the society by curing diseases with vedic science.


Homam with guidelines and inpresence of Sri Guru Rama Rao

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