World Water Day: Pledge

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Today is World Water Day. Water is the elixir of life… Let us take Oath, to use water as judiciously as possible and put all our efforts to conserve water to the maximum extent, whether it is for our routines or agriculture.

Water pledge:

Much appreciate your action for saving water. Many people doesn’t know the indirect wastage of water with our day to day actions. You can surely make a big difference by consciously avoiding water intensive produce and bring more conciousness in people around. Take a pledge today:


  • Save water in day to day life like washing, bath, cleaning etc.
  • Try reusing bathwater for washing clothes

Gardening and Agriculture:

  • Save water by replacing lawns with plants and trees.
  • Save water with mulching plants & crops


  • Avoid water intensive products like cool drinks
  • Avoid factory foods and use farm foods as factory foods wastes so much of water during manufacturing process and also produce lot of pollution.
  • Reduce water intensive foods like rice
  • Avoid usage of chemicals in day to day life which are polluting water and also causing lot of water wastage. You can even stop soaps, detergents and pasts etc.
  • Avoid RO water, use simple filter water. Around 75% of the Water fed into a RO filter, is wasted. Only 25% gets extracted as drinking Water. (reuse RO waste water for washing, but it is not useful for watering plants:
  • Reduce usage of electricity, air conditions etc, which are causing so much wastage of water

So in short, if we really want to save water, we should live simple.

Sign Pledge:

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