Youth day celebrations

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Great inspiration of all times Sri Swami Vivekananda’s birthday is on 12th Jan celebrated as Youth day as he is a great ideal for youth of whole humanity!

let us celebrate his 160th birthday Anniversary as youth day.This is most relevant for current generation to take his message and inspiration.

Sri srinivasa Alluri explained Swami Vivekananda’s message to Youth,

Everyone needs the right inspiration,selflessness,responsibility towards our motherearth.As swami vivekananda said,let us follow those human value in our day to daylife with his inspiration,let us follow those human value in our day to day life with his inspiration,let us bring the confidence among youth to rebuild the nation to bringback our human culture to make every human as a healthy,happy ,harmonious live together with dignity,and devotion.His everyword Swami Vivekananda itself gives us a great message.That one who in the happiness of vivekananda.As he rightly given us recall what we need now is,heart to feel,head to think,and hand to work that is being this 3H into our life and work selflessly,serve the humanity and bringback our humanculture and remove selfishness,save all the creature of th earth. He thank the Lead India Foundation chairman Dr.Hari eppanapally and the trustees,sri ramgaru

and other co-leaders,volunteers to take this leadership to organize this event.He appreciated everyone who is participated in this,and wish them all very happy national youth Day.Swami Vivekananda’s inspiration helped children to take oath today to develop their own school and do seva.. today they all got initiated with meditation, as they are already practicing Yoga and suryanamaskaras.

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