Cycling & Plantation Drive VZM to Vizag

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Cycling & Plantation Drive Vizianagaram to Visakhapatnam: 

Date: 28th Aug 2019

Starting point: MVGR College of Engineering, Vizianagaram

Time: 10am to 12 Personality Development workshop for Engineering students

1pm: Cycling & Plantation Drive starting


Visiting multiple villages on the way with multiple teams PDP, Plantation and Cycling teams.

PDP teams: 10 teams will visit 2 schools each and take motivational sessions to inspire students (Health, Environment and Humanity awareness)

Plantation teams: 10 teams will visit 2 villages each & meet with Panchayats and local volunteers to conduct plantation drive. Motivate them to take responsibility to water the plants and grow next 6 months. 

Cycling: 10 team leaders /coordinators with 10 different groups makes necessary arrangements for their groups and takes them safely and make sure necessary directions and support to keep up the momentum. 

10 teams visiting different villages simultaneously.  

Join hands for better world! let us save our children and mother Earth. Inspire all around to live healthy and eco-friendly. Let us inspire all to stop pollution, avoid plastics & toxic chemicals, to avoid factory foods, make every house zero waste home!

Sign up now & get ready for challenge: More details contact us on 9966673111 & register. 

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Sri Alluri Srinivas garu will be joining events to share his inspiration and experiences to all (As you know he is first Indian cycled from London to Delhi and also cycling over 30000 in 18 countries and across India  for a great cause and to inspire all towards humanity!)

Utilise this opportunity & join this to  share synergies for the cause and inspire yourself for great leadership!

Guide lines for participants: 

  1. Make sure your cycle is in good condition (check ABC: Air, break, Chain and other basics), practice and test it.
  2. Register your name online or over phone
  3. get your water bottle, back pack, you may keep some banana/dray fruits and dates for energy boost on the way, 
  4. Maintain eco-friendly and healthy life style (no plastics, no junk foods, no factory foods and no fizzy drinks) 
  5. Keep some pamphlets with you and inspire people / create awareness for health, environment and humanity 


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