Earthquake relief in Nepal by Manavata Volunteer

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28th Apr: Manish Kumar

I have reached Nepal. It’s even worse than I imagined or anticipated. Death and misery everywhere I look. Not even basic water for drinking or hand wash forget toilet etc.

People are all sleeping on the road in rain as not enough tents and most buildings have deep cracks. It has been tremors of 6.7,6.3,5.9 in last few days and continue here. I am lost for words.

25th Apr: 

I have an office and factory in Kathmandu so getting information. I have spoken with Spicejet and they have permitted me 100kgs of baggage. I am carrying water, biscuits, electoral, essential medicines etc. I know these would be less than a drop in the ocean but that’s all that weight is being permitted.

Ground reality is that there are more than 15000 dead in Nepal. Govt is only reporting deaths in hospital from rubble so keeping numbers low. At this moment conservative estimates are more than 300000 foreigners trapped. No electricity and water supply since 25th. Majority of roads have carved in but some people and military have cleared a way from Birgunj side to Kathmandu and Pokhra. I would recommend that route for any help. Nepal borders just needs Indian voter ID so no need of passport. People who can afford are living in tents and others out in rain under open sky. And due to earthquake weather has taken a turn and it has started to pour. Yesterday they had an aftershock of 6.7 which brought down several more buildings and misery to more. I think this really needs alot of aid right now.

If we speak with Indian Airforce / airport authority then we should also be able to transport relief material on their rescue aircrafts.

Manish Kumar

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