Health workshops in East Godavari

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25th Jan 2015:

Manavata Ashram, Lolla: Today’s program was a wonderful event with great humanitarians and health experts from different fields coming together, specificlaly, yoga, naturopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, medical plants and such alternative medicines for sustainable health. participants:

Dr. Ramachandra rao (Naturopathy, Natural living, Khammam), Sri Datla Subbaraju (Ayurveda & medicinal plants, Tadepalliguem), Dr. Santhi Swaroop (Ayurveda), Sri Srinivasa Alluri (Manavata 3H / Holistic health / Yoga), Patanjali Srinivas (Yoga), Ammiraju & Dr. Anjaneyulu (Homoepathy) and others came from different places and gather in strength and inspired every attendee in today’s meeting towards making them healthy and to become volunteers for this sustainable health service. 

Manavata Ashram volunters have prepared healthy food for 200 people without oil and salt, shared great simple receipes with participants. it was a wonderful learning and experience for many first time attendees also. Today’s around 250 patients have taken treatment in homeopathy.

Tomorrow, we have several events on the occassion of republic day:

1. PDP session in Rayavaram high school

2. Yoga / PDP in green field blind school in Kakinada at 11am
3. Healthy Living workshop in Kakinada 1pm to 3pm
4. Healhty Living workshop in Vetlapalem 5pm to 7pm

Team: Dr. Ramachandra rao, Mr. Srinivas Alluru and other manavata volunteers:

Photos of the events and Photos of the events

Rayavaram, SRZPP H School:

Manavata Ashram, Lolla

Kakinada Blind school:

Kakinada: Healthy Living workshop:

Health workshop in Vetlapalem: Ramakrishan Sevasamithi

Manavata Biccavolu chapter 3rd annual meeting:

24th Jan 2015:


We are very pleased to invite you for Healthy Living workshops in East Godavari with wonderful faculty who are proven in their fields.

Dr. Ramachandra rao (Naturopathy, Natural living, Khammam), Sri Datla Subbaraju (Ayurveda, Tadepalliguem), Sri Srinivasa Alluri (Manavata / Yoga) and others will be taking these sessions.

Schedule as follows:
25th Jan: 9am to 12: Manavata Ashram, Lolla
Prakrithi Jeevanam, Arogyam, Yoga, Medicinal plants
26th Jan: In Kakinada
11am to 12:30pm Yoga and republic day events (blind school)
1pm to 3pm: Healthy living / Prakrithi jeevana vidhanam
5pm to 6pm: Vetlapalem (Sri Ramakrishna seva samithi)

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