Healthy Living & Yoga workshops in UAE

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Manavata volunteers and like minded people in Dubai have organized Healthy living workshops in Sharjah and Fujairah, which have inspired many individuals towards healthy and eco-friendly life style along with practice of Yoga. Volunteers in Fujairah Susan, Santhosh, Anu, Venkateswar rao and other team have taken leadership to organize these sessions during our founder Srinivasa Alluri’s visit to UAE. Srinivas V, Pushpa, Shavaramakrishna, Srinivas V and other volunteers have taken initiative in Sharjah event.

Attendees have expressed their happiness and gratitude for Srini’s sessions here. Srini requested everyone to volunteer their time for their self-transformation and helping people to bring right knowledge and right practices, start from home. He emphasized that it is key responsibility of parents to give a good health to children, so parents can’t ignore healthy practices. attendees also shared their feedback about session and how the workshops have helped them to gain right knowledge and inspiration. They requested Srini to take more sessions for their children and other people here.

Many people who are suffering with depression and different chronic problems also benefitted through these sessions. 

particularly concern about number of professionals who are working in middle east region, life style becoming worse in many families.
Kids are getting used to many junk foods, people are eating wrong foods at wrong time. No exercise and loosing right knowledge & conciousness of health from many homes, which is causing huge damage to health of many families. some people are suffering with depression and stress
Manavata healthy workshops played key role at critical stage of many people and inspired them towards healthy life style.. now many people are more confident and happy to follow healthy living principles of Manavata to make their families healthy, happy and harmonious (3H). many volunteers also promised that they will practice and take 3H mission with their regular volunteering.

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