Manavata Day (28th Foundation day)

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Thank you for all your great work for the cause of Humanity and Manavata and 3H mission.

27 years of Journey with Manavata was a great experience with lots of challenges to achieve the goals of Manavata and Universal brotherhood when man is struggling with increased greed and violence.

Major challenge is to bring right education to make every human being as humane to live eco-friendly and healthy. Life style change is a big challenge.. as everyone wants to change the world without changing their own life style.

28 years have gone very quickly with speed of light.. but with significant achievements with all our team work in Manavata. Consistant growth in the services in Health, Education and Environment.

Will update you with summary of our achievements so far. We have much bigger role to play now!

Manavata Day Celebration: Invite you for blissful events:

At Manavata UFH: Sankalpa Yagna (19th Oct) and Dhyana (20th Oct): 

(Kothakota, Wanaparthy dt. Telangana):  140km from Hydereabad on Bangalore Highway

Pleased to invite you to be part of this “Sankalpa Yagna” on Vijayadasimi and Manavata day (19th Oct) & 

20th Oct: Group meditation.   


To create Healthy, Happy  and  Harmonious (3H) world


Clean environment, Clean minds and corruption free society.


To inspire and teach Yoga, Health and Humanity to 10 million children by end of the year 2020!

Program Name:  “Samskara Yoga”


Too much information and too many options making kids confused, weak, adamant, irresponsible and unhealthy these days. This is a big impact on their future and future of humanity.

Health: Many children are suffering with this situation. Illnesses like cancer, heart problems, obesity, stress, anxiety, suicidal thoughts  etc. due to unhealthy, junk foods, pollution and pesticides.

Education: merely academic, which is also theoretical and stressful. Every student think that they are educating to earn money, but they forgot main purpose of education as build their character, knowledge and skill for right livelihood and truthfulness.


We must act now!

Most important thing missing in today’s education is Samskara. Mainly learning about their duty, about their mind and how to make brain excellent & healthy, learn about body to make fit, learn about food to eat healthy, learn about soil to grow food. Learn how to use their maths, science in their day to day life.

Mainly every kid must care their health, their parents, country and planet. Learn to live with happiness by happiness and working with responsibility.


Well! there is no short cut. We all must be an example. but where are these examples? We must inspire ourselves and start living proper life and spread inspiration to next generation.

We must adopt and practice well proven systems from our ancient system.

Practice before preach:

Following things to be tought to children:

Clean Mind:

Health and brain excellence (Sound mind and sound body):

·         Practice of Yoga must be part of daily life to make you healthy and peaceful. Make sure your work with your body and mind daily and spend time to improve following:

o    Self Discipline

o    Self Respect

o    Self Confidence

o    Self Reliant

o    Self Control

·         Eat Healthy & timely

·         Drink more water

·         Play atleast 1 hour out side in the ground

·         Wake up early & follow ideal daily schedule.

·         Gardening 1 hour gardening everyday, supply water to plants with love. Grow more trees

Mother Earth Actions:

Clean Environment:

Make your home green and zero wastage with following actions (No Plastic, No factory foods, convert your kitchen waste to compost, grow your own food, cook fresh garden vegetables, grow trees)

Food & Soil skills:

COMPOST: Begin with a Composting green spot in your home

GROW: Grow your own safe and healthy greens in your garden

COOK: Cook your garden fresh meal for the family and serve in your dining green spot Oxygen and Fruits:

Grow trees

Grow as many trees as possible in your home and around.. encourage more to do so. Some medicinal trees like neem, some fruit trees like Mango, Gova, Papaya etc. east fresh organic fruits from your garden.. be healthy.

To make Samskar Yoga happen, it may not be overnight change, but must start spreading inspiration.

Yogathon Challenge, Inspires every kid:

To communicate this message in big scale, we initiated Yogathon challenge for kids every year. this is helping kids to get inspired to practice Yoga & meditation.

Yogathon teaches Suryanaskaras, Yogasanas, Nature and Health practically. When everyone involved in the challenge they will understand their own strength, then they start their inward journey to understand their mind and body. It gives them seriousness to practice Yoga and meditation.

Yoga is must in every school:

United Nations,  Government and all authorities already made decisions to make Yoga as  part of education in all schools.

Though everyone is talking about Yoga in schools, very few schools could do it due to shortage of proper teachers.

What is required to make regular Yoga practice in schools:

For real implementation of Yoga in schools needs

1.       Take Leadership and commitment from real Yoga practitioners /teachers.  

2.       Be an Example: All teachers in the school must also learn and practice Yoga regularly in their day to day life and  prove that how it is helping for their health can efficiency of mind. Children will take it more seriously when you give more importance to this.

3.       Inspire every day: Children get inspired and show more interest by seeing teacher as an example.

Yogathon Success rate:

Inspiration is key ingredient of our teaching. As we conduct pre-events of Yogathon in different levels from school level to state-level, children learn surynamaskar within one event and remember sequence well to continue practice. This is helping to continue practice. After 108 suryanamaskaras, teaching them about yogasanas, about real meaning of Yoga, Humanity and Health, which has made huge difference.. Over 1.2 lacs children were able to learn with our previous Yogathon events and Yoga workshops from 3000 institutions.

Follow-up: Of course regular follow-up in school is required.. so we requested many schools to do daily 10 minutes group meditation during their assembly time or first hour of each class. Atleast weekly 2 days Yoga practice sessions. Manavata has implemented regular program in 5 government schools, which helped many kids to become more active, healthy and able to focus in their day to day classes.

Over 1000 students got benefitted in this.


I really feel we are losing time by working in silos. Many people and organisations would like to do similar.. some of them working in silos making little impact here and there.. some of them couldn’t do anything.. but everyone is facing challenges to inspire children consistently and making the positive change.

If we work together we can make a bigger impact.

·         Let us target big: to teach Samskara Yoga to 10 million children by 2020. Make this vision 2020 happen

·         Let us inspire school teachers to take action and get involved in this in large scale

·         Later let us dream of Yoga in every school a reality and give bright future to next generation

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