Manavata Organised Basing Stoke at UK

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Manavata Organised Basing Stoke at Uk on Maha Sivaratri, Rudrabishekam with families over there on 5th March 2019.Srinivas Alluri make the day devotional by pooja,abishekam by the people of families gathered.

Spirituality. Maha Shivratri– 3 Stories Behind Celebration Of Maha ShivratriMaha Shivratri which literally translates to ‘great night of Shiva’is a Hindu festival largely celebrated in India as well as in Nepal. The festival is celebrated on the new moon day in the month of Maagha according to the Hindu calendar.

The day is celebrated to venerate Lord Shiva, an important deity in Hindu culture. … From that day on wards, the night came to be known as Maha Shivratri and people began worshipping Shiva with a great enthusiasm.The people who participated in this pooja karakramam made their day devotional with prayers at end Srinivas Alluri distributed prasadam to everyone.”OM NAMA SHIVAYA” .

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