Manavata Samskara Vidya and Yogathon in Wanaparty.. 2 programs in Girls high School and Backward Welfare School

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Manavata Samaskara Vidya & Yogathon at Girls High School and Backard Welfare School in Wanaparthy.

Yoga should be a part of every school schedule which improves students culture to behave with elders and to be good in society. Manavata organisation volunteers Prakash,Suguna, Sujatha and teachers participated in the Yogathon.

Srinivas Alluri giving yoga class to students and also his speech which motivates students a lot. Yoga is not only Exercise to body but also it improve our personality , humanity and also helps to concentrate on studies for students.

Yoga which improves memory and concentration to students ant they will get fit and healthy.Teachers and Yoga teachers participated in this program to be healthy.

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