Manavata Study center in Adilabad Tribal Area

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Education is considered a vital element in the development of a society, is an important factor in bringing about rural development in any country.Manavata study centres are providing Samskara Vidya (value based education) for holistic development of every child. Manavata has been running these study centres in several villages & towns which are helping thousands of children from rural govt schools.Manavata has started study centers more than 30 villages.More tribal area students have benefitted.

Manavata started Study center at Adilabad district,Parvathi Kgbv School kagaznagar with required faculty.It is very useful for the poor students for their education.Our objective 2023 is To provide Value Education to 5000+ students by establishing Manavata Study centres in around 200 village.

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Srini and Team.

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