Manavata Yoga and 3H workshops in London (Sutton & Ilford)

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Manavata workshops in Sutton & New berry park Conducted by Sri Srinivasa Alluri during weekend on 23rd and 24th of March 2019. Evening sessions,  workshops and satsangas are conduced in Sutton to spread Health, Happiness and Harmony to all families.. It is mostly covering family best practices and commitment of all family members towards their health and environment.

Srini has emphasized on value of human life and how our time must be used in more purposefully and efficiently. Gita, streams of Yoga and different Yogic, Vedic health practices explained in his discourses. International Water day also celebrated in these events to rise the awareness to save water through proper life style. Family ideal daily schedule (Dinacharya) training given to some families in series of workshops on healthy cooking, working together, eating together, family study / story reading together and meditating together.

Yoga Therapy: Srini also taught self heeling techniques and Yoga therapy to some of the people who are suffering with chronic illnesses.

New burry park Yoga team in east London hosted Manavata 3 hours workshop, inspired many people. over 70 people participated. Some of them also took therapy consultation from Srini for Alzheimers, frozen shoulder, back pain etc. Srini has done Marma therapy for them and thought them specific techniques for self therapy. Manish, Vijaykumar and others who are leading this group have facilitated Srini and expressed their happiness for the session. They also contributed 120 GBP for Manavata humanitarian work.


Then Srini appreciated volunteers who took responsibility to host these events with his comments as follows:

Congratulations to Hanumantha Rao garu, Vijaykumar, Santosh Jawaji, Charan and team.. well organized with wonderful leadership and commitment for this cause!

Much appreciated for inspiring many more families towards 3H. Let us continue to unite more like minds and work together for better world..

It is very important work for current world to build consciousness for conscious living, simple living, healthy living and purposeful living.. which needs more exemplary leaders in our team.. Let us be the change that we want to see!

🙏Once regular early morning Family Yoga is set at your home.. rest of best family practices can be implemented easily with calm mind.. in couple of weeks you can feel so energetic and get rid of any issues.. self-discipline is key.. let us meet up daily morning for Yoga online.. do it together.. inspire each other.. Appreciate Supriya and Madhu for taking leadership for healthy cooking and positive changes.. keep it up.. be example for ideal mother.. there is lot to do for this world.. start with around us.. let us purify ourselves and continue Karma Yoga to share this purity to all.. with weekly group sadhana..

Charan, thanks for driving all the way, you saved lot of time.. made perfect event in new bury park.. great to see your motivation and dedication for good.. let us continue working together.. Santosh, In think initiation of Sutton event with your commitment and dedication inspired all.. keep it up.. leadership for good cause…

Manavata UK team

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