Manavata Yoga Therapy Session at Someswaram

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Yoga Therapy Session at Someswaram for Differently Abled children school on 27th November 2018 with education  director of district  Mrs. Lakshmi garu, Siva and others meeting war done on inclusive education for the children.

Manavata Organisation held this program to make Children happy and joy  and support them to do Yoga very well with the help of  volunteers Rakesh and team of Manavata.

Manavata Organisation Founder Srinivas Alluri  Spoke to the districts education directors to make children to do Yoga daily which to helps to be healthy and to recover from their disable-ties. Manavata make to support to the inclusive education to initiate for children.

Children done the Yoga along With Sriniva Alluri  teaches them how to do yoga sadhana.Children done very well to show their interests onYyoga Sadhana

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