Manavata Yogathon & Meditation Session at Hyderabad

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Thank you all! today’s yogathon event went on very well.. every child has got inspiration and atleast 150 members could complete 108 suryanamaskaras.. around 10 schools participated.. children took pledge to continue regular Yoga sadhana 12 suryanamaskaras & 10 minutes meditation.. and serve mother and mother land every day! without single plastic or paper, healthy organic breakfast kitchidi and beans/alasandalu served to all participants & parents/teachers.. Every child took commitment to eat healthy and make their parents also healthy. Session also covered health, nutrition, environment and natural farming topics also along with brain Yoga.. appreciate all volunteers who have done wonderful team work to make this event very successful.. (Kudos to Jyothi, Tulasi, Prakash, Padma, Siva, Mahadev, Kavya, Laxmi, Vinod and many more!)! certificates given to all children who have completed 108 successfully.. top 5 given gold medals, 7 people got silver medal, 12 children got 3rd place!                     

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