Nature Living Workshop In Hyderabad

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workshop Covered topics like bio enzymes, probiotic, Health, nature, food, nutrition, temperature, soil, organic growing, roof gardening, cut down chemicals and get to natural processes, mindfulness, meditation, how to improve PH level of blood and how to improve oxygen levels in our body. Healthy breakfast organized (sprouted beans,soaked groundnuts, fresh coconut, carrots & dry dates), Lunch: Millet kichidi with coconut and groundnut chutney)

Natural living workshops by
Sri Sailendra garu (bio enzymes and natural living expert): He has given training on preparing all house hold cleaning liquids, vinegar, pro-biotic and such natural solutions to avoid chemicals in our food & cleaning liquids. ways to adopt Natural living
Sri Srinivasa Alluri garu (Founder President of Manavata: spoke on daily habits to live close to nature, Healthy & purposeful living, mindfulness & meditation, Natural farming Jeevamrutham preparation and usage)
Rama Devi garu (Agriculture Research scholar and natural farming expert) covered about roof gardening.

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